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What is it for?

The project.yaml is the file define the project structure and basic configuration. Evert Rivery IaC project needs its own project.yaml file, which indicates that the project dir is a Rivery IaC project. The CLI command knows to handle the references and connectivity between entities inside the project only under project dir.

For example, a directory of my-project includes a project.yaml file, and should be used as a Rivery IaC reference project.


name: <string> # my-project-name
version: 1.0 # Rivery Iac reference version. 
models: <string> # the name of the "models" or "entities" dir inside the project.
sqls: <string> # the name of the "sql" files dir isnide the project
maps: <string> # the name of the mapping (table references) dir inside the project 

Init a new project

In order to create new project inside a dir, just run the rivery init command.

Importing groups/rivers

Rivery CLI provide a command to create local entity yaml files from rivers in a live account/env. In order to import river or an entire group of rivers from your account to your local project, you can run the next command:

> rivery rivers import --groupName='my-group'/--riverId='123475658493782612' --path=/import/path/under/models/dir

Check out the rivery rivers import reference for more info.